Tate Turbine Tour
The Tate Modern

Speculative Design
Wembley STadium, International Stadium Tour
The Tate Turbine Tour is a speculative design for a stadium tour of expansive art installations inspired by the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern. The design is constructed in modular sections supported by an extensive scaffold and truss structure to allow for both portability when touring and large open space to accommodate the scale of installations normally housed in the Turbine Hall.

Internally the aesthetic makes reference to the opulent architecture of the neoclassical and gothic revival movements that are present in so many galleries and museums across the UK and Europe. Externally the design draws from the many decrepid and degenerating brutalist buildings of the 1950s supported by corroded scaffolding and viaduct gangways. The contrasting architecture from the pinnacle and collapse of British imperialism brings to question the ethics of the colonial foundations our institutions stand upon.
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